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How to "park" the bike in the apartment: 7 original ideas and shopping guide

Bicycle storage in the apartment - the actualproblem for all lovers of active holidays and long walks on his two-wheeled "friend." Many store their bikes on a balcony or loggia, thereby taking away space eti small spaces.

Given the fact that the bicycle is in manyEuropean countries - not only a way to actively spend their free time, but also an economical means of transportation around the city, many designers have wondered - how to keep the bike? how to make so that the bike is not just stood in the corner of the wall, but also to complement the interior? As a result, there was a set of non-standard solutions that can be applied at home. We propose to consider some of them and choose the option that you like best.

1. Fixing the frame on the wall

This option is widely bicycle storageIt used in the Nordic countries where the bicycle hanging on the wall, as well as possible complementary to the "cold" and ascetic interior in Scandinavian style. Moreover, these apartments are not congested furniture and stuff, bike becomes part of the interior. As strange as it may sound, but this wall storage can easily turn into a kind of urabinisticheskogo wall "decor".

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2. Fixing the frame with built-in storage space

This decision certainly appeal to those who lovesantimentr use each space to good use. Due to the configuration of features, it is practically impossible to keep the bike close to the wall, which is why "bicycle hooks" or rods are quite long. Why not use the space formed between a bicycle and functional wall? Design finds: hardware-shelf hardware-basket-rack hardware. These additional storage space can be put cycling gloves, lock with keys on a bicycle, flashlight and other necessary accessories.

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3. Fixing of the wheel

Vertical storage bicycle perpendicularthe wall is not as versatile as the previous versions. But at the same time it is suitable for long narrow rooms, where you can install fasteners on the short wall so that the wheel paddles along the long walls (in the corner). Minimalistic design of this mount will not attract too much attention.

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4. In the closet

Storage for bicycles can be placedspacious passers-by, or on the large balcony. The benefit of this store is that the bike does not have to lift vertically and there is no risk that it will fall off the wall, as in the case of wall mounts. Design cabinets and shelves with a compartment for a bicycle have additional shelves for storage of accessories.
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5. Under the ceiling

This exotic solution initially causesperplexity. But looking more closely, you can find a lot of advantages of this storage to the ceiling - the bike will not take the space of the room, so it can be hung on a long term (for example, in the winter).

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6. At the reception

Unlike vyshepomyanutyh making this optionfasteners for families in which there are a few bikes on the rack because you can put two or even three bikes at once. Of course, for such storage space is required and a lot more.

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7. Behind the door

Bicycling can be hung on the door by means of special fasteners. It is best to use the door that you use infrequently. For example, a door in the loggia or pantry.

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the door storage bicycle

And finally, remember a few basic rules of bike storage in the apartment:

- Rubber and plastic parts atexposure to direct sunlight, extreme temperature fluctuations lose their elasticity and become brittle. Lac, which is covered by the frame, tarnish and destroyed. For metal parts undesirable precipitation - rain, snow. Therefore desirable to store bicycles open onto balconies. For storage insulated closed balcony the best fit with the blinds (or curtains) at the windows.

- It is not recommended to store the bike near a radiator, or he will experience the most changes in temperature, as in the case of storage on the balcony.

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