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How to visually increase ceilings: tips

The problem of low ceilings, unfortunately,now it is almost in front of everyone. Standard now the indicator of 2.7 meters is quite suitable for a comfortable existence, nevertheless we always want to get even more space and air. And if this can not be achieved in reality, we can at least visually achieve the desired effect. Here are a few techniques that will help you in this.

1. Paint the walls and ceiling the same color


How to visually increase the ceilings in the house

Walls and ceiling painted one color,visually merge. You seem to lose the joint line between them than the walls and expand the space and increase the height of the ceiling at the same time. The most universal solution is to choose a white color, although you may well experiment with pale blue, and pink, and olive colors. The main thing that they were all pastel and very whitish. Still, the walls and ceiling - it's background, and using the same paint on such vast surfaces need to be extremely cautious.

2. Use in the design of the walls of the vertical line


How to visually increase the ceilings in the house

Vertical lines visually lengthen veryplane on which they are located. It is therefore not superfluous to use in the design of the walls of a similar technique. Poquelin wallpaper on the wall in a strip - is now especially relevant equivalent band together no more than 2-3 colors. If you do not like the band chosen sufficiently plain wallpaper with texture, in which the fibers have a vertical orientation.

3. Properly place the cornice for curtains


How to visually increase the ceilings in the house

Positioning of the cornice for curtains is of greatvalue in the perception of the height of the ceiling. If the window is located quite close to the ceiling, choose pripotolochny cornice or hide it ledge in the "pocket" of the drywall. If the distance from the window to the ceiling is quite large, allow yourself forged cornice - it looks very elegant and solid. Just remember - it should have a minimum distance of 30 cm from the window, and the higher - the better. The main thing - do not stretch to the ceiling too.

4. Choose a floor covering with a reflective surface


How to visually increase the ceilings in the house

Do not look at that. the floor is in parallel to the plane of the ceiling and is quite far away from him, he still plays a huge role in the overall perception of the room, size and height of the space potolkov.Vybirayte floor surface with highly reflective - a semi-matte or glossy floor. It visually increases the volume of the room, and thus a positive effect on the sense of the height of the ceilings.


How to visually increase the ceilings in the house

5. Create visual illusions with the help of ceiling moldings


How to visually increase the ceilings in the house

If the ceiling is not a baguette glue evenly onwall and ceiling, but only at the ceiling, this is very much reflected in the perception of height. Most often baguette ceiling is white, and this is often a fine line - the boundary walls and the ceiling, playing with the owners apartments in a cruel joke. It looks like it is fine, however eats him the space walls. With the installation of a ceiling moldings did not happen, and you save the maximum height of the visual space.

6. Call attention to the advantages of the premises


How to visually increase the ceilings in the house

This is the method by contradiction. It implies a that you, without drawing attention to the low ceiling, pay it on something really worthwhile and beautiful. Thus the advantages of apartments occupy leading positions, and about a small height ceilings, no one will remember.

7. Place the wall decor at the correct height


How to visually increase the ceilings in the house

If you are aiming to raise the ceiling visuallynever place the wall decoration in the upper part of the room. Ideal height - center of the room or objects standing directly on the floor - it can be a sculpture, a mirror or a large decorative vase. These items attract attention to themselves and are not to focus it on the upper level of the ceiling.

8. Fill in the low room furniture


How to visually increase the ceilings in the house

To make ceilings appear higher, use of low furniture. Let it be elegant cabinets, low shelves, tables, chests of drawers. Any huge and the walls of large structures.

9. Point sources of light from the bottom up

How to visually increase the number in the house

How to visually increase the ceilings in the house

Working with light, give him special attention,because at night it is illuminated will be your main element to create the illusion of higher ceilings. When designing the layout of sources, plan to make a few of them on the floor or in the lower part of the wall so that the ON state of light beam shone from the bottom up to the ceiling. This will create a magical effect and visually literally "pull" a room for at least several tens of centimeters.

10. Choosing a ceiling chandelier


How to visually increase the ceilings in the house

At low ceiling chandelier should besmall size. Choose neutral design light sources that do not attract much attention. Nevertheless, they have a positive fit into the existing design concept. In form it may be chandeliers drums. round or square in shape, with one or more shades. Particular restriction except for the height here.


How to visually increase the ceilings in the house

Here are a few tricks that reallywill help you to visually make the ceilings in your house or apartment above. It is enough to use at least one of the above methods, and you immediately feel its beneficial effects.

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