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How to make a room without windows - tips

Work on the project home becomes muchinteresting, if its content is full of interesting but difficult task. Designer, for example, is spurring more enthusiastic to show their abilities in practice, simply still generating ideas interior decoration. In addition, unusual solutions and planning specialist to help develop intuition and hone skills, but not so on the development of model apartments and houses.

Today, we are determined to tell you,how best to arrange a non-standard room in which there are no windows, not only because the design sphere specialists, but also the owners of private houses often face similar "troubles" in their home.

To begin, you should identify the room in which, most often, the windows are not planned:

Divided and combined bathroom and toilet; Corridors andhallways; Home theater; Additional space in the basement or ground level (laundry, billiard); Living room or bedroom, where there is no full-fledged windows, but there is access to a large loggia;

If you're familiar with one of these options, the following information can be very useful.

Light to max

Cases where the room no windows,It implies the need for artificial light saturation of space and, therefore, at the stage of planning of the premises need to calculate the location of all lighting fixtures. they, in turn, teaming must fill the room with light so that it was completely comfortable pastime for both adults and children.

Very well, if in a large room with the deafwalls provide multiple (two or more) hanging lamps with powerful lamps. Encouraged, if in addition to established spots or mini-spotlights around the perimeter, because they send light to a particular area (desk, a sewing machine, a lounge area, and others).

In addition to the main sources of light, it is recommended to use other options for decorative and task lighting, depending on the purpose of the room.


How to make a windowless room

If you need to arrange a room for receiving guests andpleasant, leisurely pastime, you can install decorative dim lights in the form of low lamp shades, wall sconces, floor lamps or lighting doorways and floor levels. All these methods are good for creating a special friendly atmosphere when the top light becomes too much.

In the room with no windows is appropriate to useas a lot of lighting, setting them on the ceiling, on the walls and columns in the working surfaces, floor and openings, niches and furniture. The room will be perceived much easier, without creating a painful experience.

How to make a windowless room

How to make a windowless room

The room is well-defined function,for example, laundry, sewing room or office, it implies a clear light distribution, with a focus on the work area in which the lack of lighting should not be. Here, natural light rays will help to compensate for energy-saving lamps with powerful cold white or yellowish warm glow.

The color and shades

Enhance the effect of properly calculated andmounted luminaires can be by choosing bright neutral colors to paint the walls, floor and ceiling. It is better to make one or two bright accent, for example, in the textile curtains, upholstery furniture or decor, but most of the interior environment as much as possible to leave bright and calm.

Council: Remember that all the lighter shades have a reflection property and the multiplication of light, which is very valuable in the design of enclosed space without the possibility of entering it to sunlight.

How to make a room without windows-1

How to make a windowless room

A small bathroom, hallway or office will be perceived more spacious, if the walls, ceiling and floor use white, silver gray, beige, blue, and other pastel shades.


How to make a windowless room

Gloss textures and reflective surfaces

Oblitsovyvaya bathroom walls without windows,choose a tile with a glossy or semi-gloss finish. Hallway and cabinet can be arranged with the help of 3d-wall panels with fine relief and shimmering texture and decorative plastering, imitating a beautiful marble structure or nacre.

The problem of registration of competent atypicalrooms, the main thing - do not overdo it with ornaments, reliefs, light and dark colors. In this respect the rule "less is better" works a hundred percent, so the surface in a room with no windows must be left smooth, and does not clutter the superfluous things.

Anyone, even a little ray of light, sliding on the polished floor or mirror inserts in the wall, will reflexively move in space, and the room will become a visual volume


How to make a windowless room

By the way, do not forget about the right decorroom with blank walls. Here it should be used very carefully and gently, with just a few elements. Decorate the walls with mirrors and panels glazed fragments, as the material of shades and floor lamps use metal; shaped pillows, bedspreads and slipcovers let them be concise and easy pieces of furniture and mobile.

Filling the room where there are no windows, should help in the first place, eliminating feelings of disharmony, which sometimes appear in person in a confined space.


How to make a windowless room

Combining spaces

Allow the proper arrangement of the dilemmaroom, whose windows "will not go", it is possible by dismantling part of the wall (it should not be a carrier!), or extending the doorway leading into the adjoining room where the window is.

Thus, the dressing room combined with a bedroom, a dark corridor with a living room and a living room with a balcony, etc.


How to make a windowless room

Visually expand the boundaries and let the roomLight can help clear or frosted glass walls from floor to ceiling, installed between the rooms instead of deaf brick walls. But if you completely dismantle the wall you're not ready, it can dislodge small openings near the ceiling, and fill the void dormer windows and colored glass blocks.


How to make a windowless room

The first thing you should consider beforeabandon the apparent meaningless venture on transformation of the room with no windows, it's a great opportunity operating such facilities. Properly arrange it, you can buy everything for the missing area of ​​a worker or a creative corner, area for table games and other needs.

There is still a lot of topical issues on the topic of design and decor, and we sincerely hope that the answers will be useful to many of you.

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