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How to make an empty corner of the room

Sometimes, in the room, equipped with competent andtaste, a feeling of vagueness, particularly because some areas remain unaddressed. Most often, the angles, the area which quite rightly ignored during the design of the room.

Today we decided to look more closely at possible solutions for the organization of the empty corners in different rooms, to help you create not only beautiful, but also quite functional areas.

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How to make an empty corner of the room

On a note: it would be better if the room is to pay special attention to one or two corners, but not all at once, to avoid clutter objects. For example, try to use the space to organize angles located opposite the entrance or by a window.

If the main part of the furniture is located in the middle ofthe room and then, closer to one of the walls - Get clearance angles from the opposite side, because it will help to more evenly distribute the visual load.

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How to make an empty corner of the room

How best to arrange the empty corners in the completedinterior? To begin, you should decide what is missing is already finished room: function, or decorative, and can, colors and patterns. Thus, the previously empty corner can become accent of the room, a useful work area, or the area to accommodate the unusual decor and texture of objects.

for work or creativity Zone

If you need a small, cozy corner,where you would be comfortable working at a computer or papers, but in a small apartment is not enough room, home office, located in the corner of the room, it will be a good solution.

Even in a small area can accommodate allyou need: desk or console (modular tabletop secured to the floor), compact wall rack or shelf for books, an ergonomic chair or a chair with an adjustable backrest.

Tip: Workplace better organized in the remotest corner of the front door, so noise coming from outside will disturb less.


How to make an empty corner of the room


How to make an empty corner of the room

In a corner of the living room or bedroom can be arrangedan area for creative activities in music or painting, sewing. It is convenient to place a small synthesizer, if you want a place for piano, cello or harp, violin and guitar or can just fix on a stand near the wall. It remains only to choose a comfortable banquette, love seat and a pouffe, to transform an empty corner in a full rehearsal area.


How to make an empty corner of the room


How to make an empty corner of the room

Room to Read

Anything not busy corner for such a purpose is appropriate to use in the bedroom, living room, on the veranda or in the conservatory, spacious kitchen or nursery.

Chair with backrest here is clearly not enough,to make the angle of comfort zone. Therefore, you should use a recliner with ottoman, couch or rivers, which looks very impressive, but because it will add charm room.

reading corner should be the lightest inIdeally, you should choose the one that is next to the window. But in addition to daylight should be provided also additional, artificial. Floor lamp for the back of the chair - it is, of course, the classic example, but do not forget about table lamps, wall lamps with dimmer or pendant lights of unusual shape. To supplement this area can be an elegant high table, narrow whatnot (where you will put your favorite book) or a cupboard with carved doors.


How to make an empty corner of the room


How to make an empty corner of the room


How to make an empty corner of the room

We put emphasis

In an empty corner of the dining room or hallway canarrange some catchy and unusual piece of furniture large. For example, a chest of drawers with mirror facades drawers, secretary, cabinet-showcase with porcelain figurines and tableware, and so on.


How to make an empty corner of the room

In the living room or bedroom can free angletake an electric fireplace with a classic portal or a stove. In the furnace corner false fireplace put several large candles, and next to it - a floor lamp with shade. This emphasis good choice for both modern and classic interiors, in addition, warm soft light.

The angle of the window in the bedroom, you can allocate to the organization with vanity area, and a children's storage rack to put the most colorful toys.


How to make an empty corner of the room


How to make an empty corner of the room

We capture the attention

In the event that you are the owner of the collection of paintings, antique statues, or just a few features of expensive and unusual items, corner of the room is a great place to accommodate them.

The walls of the seating area in the kitchen, you can beautifypaintings, posters and reproductions of famous masterpieces, add a couple of fashion and still life pictures of finished dishes. The same technique is suitable for the decoration in the living room corner, with a selection of images of subjects, appropriate style and color scheme of the room.


How to make an empty corner of the room

In the corners of the bedroom on the high tables or consolesput a table lamp. At night, their warm light, evenly diffused in space, create peaceful atmosphere. If, in addition to the lamp you choose to use pictures - choose bright light scenes. Try to avoid images of human faces or dynamic figures, because, in the dim light, they will disturb the look.


How to make an empty corner of the room

In the joint area of ​​the walls perpendicular to eachFriend, we can focus using the textures and objects of contrasting colors and shapes. So, against the background of light is a flat surface to hang up (put, attach) the mirror in carved frame, vibrant paintings, a few shelves with books, wall sconce made of copper. Near the adjacent wall covered with wallpaper patterns, use the facilities to match the bright surface, but concise.


How to make an empty corner of the room

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