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Where to place the podium in the interior

Podiums - has long been loved by all of theinterior decoration. Most often, they are not initially, but after the fact. That is, designed by designers, starting from the location of the furniture and objects in the interior to the location of the podium was something reasonably and not create problems after installation when moving the tenants on their own apartment.

Let's look at where it is possible to create catwalks, as they may be, and in what parts of the premises to organize them better.

The height of the podium

Podium usually do a pretty low. He is something of a step and the height he should be appropriate.


The ideal height of the podium is not more than 15 cm.


If you need more, then this height, it is desirable to split into several relevant ergonomics stages to comfortably climb on the podium.

Also of note is the importance of the high ceilings. Creating a podium and a niche involves that you take a certain height from another part of the room. If you do not want to bend or feel depressed in a room with a low ceiling, first Calculate the final height, and then make a decision - whether you are willing to live in a room with such high ceilings.

10 podium

Podium in the kitchen

On the podium often arrange the kitchen. It is located at a height of one or more stages. This is especially important when planning involves a studio, t. E. Combined living room, dining room and kitchen, or just a kitchen and living room. In this case, without creating any vertical partitions, you are using the floor arrange a transition surface, thus clearly marking the area.


In the case of the creation of the podium for the kitchen, you canbeat profitable seam of different floor coverings - flooring in the living room using the board more often, and the kitchen on the floor lay ceramic tiles or granite.


Unfortunately, these two joints surfaces notalways look perfect, so help can come podium. The very top of its horizontal surface, which is located in the kitchen area, you can put tile, and the surface of the ground floor - a tree.

7 podium

Podium in the bathroom area

In the bathroom more often on the podium put the bathtub. Sometimes even inscribe it to the inside of the podium. Bath - is one of the most beautiful, significant and large elements of the interior in the bathroom. That is why a small pedestal in height of one stage perfectly fit into the interior spacious bathroom. If the podium is quite high, it is possible to make a few steps on which you will rise to it.

podium 4
podium 2 podium 3

Podium in the living room

An unusual design solution for living canbe the creation of a podium is not for most living room, and around it, so that it was as if in a niche. Often this niche makes height from the couch to the upper part of the backrest is at the same level with the dining room or the kitchen floor. So you get a lounge area, where there are sofas around the perimeter of this niche. Next you can place the broad comfortable stairs.

This plan looks very nice andIt creates a unique atmosphere in the room. But, unfortunately, it is not appropriate for small spaces, because it is the location of the sofa back flush with the floor across the room means that in this area have to go very rarely, in the ideal "path of movement" must not be within one meter from the back of the sofa and even further. If the area allows, you can safely implement this technique and to be sure that this plan will not remain unnoticed.

13 podium1 11 podium 12 podium

Podium in the bedroom

In the bedroom area the podium do not so often. Although it is relevant for both large bedrooms, and for the little ones.

"Today, adapting to the realities of the modern squaring most bedrooms, one might say that it makes sense to make the podium from wall to wall at the foot of the bed area. "

In this case, you will protect themselves from traumatic angles and create an interesting architectural object in the interior. As such, the podium is just a decorative element.

On the other hand, if you go to the rightsystem of organization of the space inside the podium, you can store a lot of things that can be folded linens, pillows, blankets, and other dimensional objects, which occupy a lot of space in conventional cabinets.

podium 5


Podium in destkoy

In the children's room podium, quite frankly,not recommended. This is due to excessive activity of children and concern for their safety. If the podium is still planned, let it be no more than 15 cm. In the children's room to the podium can be transferred as a workplace, and sleeping or playing area. As for the children's bedroom or office, this option is more preferable, because it implies a concentration and not hurry, you will not tell about the area for the game.

15 podium


Podium in the dining room

On the podium, you can have a dining table andchairs. Think in advance about the dimensions of a dining group that could push chairs, and you're not worried about the fact that some of them may fall from the podium.


Most such podiums are combining the kitchen and dining area, a dining room and a living room.


Only for group dining podium standsmounted in the case, if the table is really great, and you can afford to leave around each side of not less than two meters, to protect themselves and visitors from injuries and bruises.

1 podium

Podiums look quite impressive. They are beautiful, unusual and can decorate any interior. Remember that the most important goal of the podium - a zoning area. If you have nothing to zone, and then to construct a podium aimlessly is not worth it in the apartment.

If you still believe that a podium in yourneed an apartment, it is advisable to first think about its design, well strengthen it and if you want to leave it in place for storage. It may be a life boxes, drawers, or even mounted inside the safe.

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