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What to do with the remnants of wallpaper? 40 ideas and photos

Often after repair remains unclaimed wallpaper - and it is a pity to throw them away, and can not be used for other purposes. So they are gathering dust on our balconies or on the back shelves.
But, to show imagination, you can find an interesting use of old wallpaper. We offer some of the most common and easiest ways. So, what can be made from the remnants of wallpaper?

1) Décor surfaces of cabinets and dressers

The remnants of wallpaper paste over the inner surfacescabinets and cupboards - this is what is called in Europe "grandmother's design." Indeed, it has a naive charm of the old economical life. However, as can be seen in the examples, this method can be applied not only to the old country, but also in modern interior.

Old furniture, wallpaper and pasted over the remainsPainted to match the contour of the figure, it looks very nice, and most importantly - individual, interior immediately becomes his style. However, this is very serious, careful work.

2) Children's Room Decor

The original solution for those who have lefta lot of wallpaper on a bit - make them a map of the world and decorate an entire wall in the nursery. This wallpaper decor remains good by the fact that the child leaves room for imagination and the ability to continue to decorate the wall - using clippings from magazines about the nature or postcards. Also, you can cut out silhouettes of animals from wallpaper remnants, paste the silhouettes on the wall of the children's room, thus creating a mini-zoo. This method is especially good with colorful wallpaper with a pattern.

3) Wall decor

This idea of ​​the budget and the original walldecor is ideal for rented apartments or flats without major repairs, which need to temporarily decorate the empty walls. Wallpaper with an interesting pattern can be used as a "picture", placing it in the frame. Small pieces of wallpaper can be used as a mat or hanging them on the wall like posters.

4) Decoration headboard

The headboard can be created from a sheet of plywood and wallpaper intricate designs - give headboard interesting shape and your bed will be a unique accent bedroom.

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