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Author's supervision. For what you pay for?

If you are interested in this article, chances are you have already decided to work with a professional designer. That is good news - one beautiful house in Ukraine will be more.

But what you see in a more detailed examination of the page with the prices?
It turns out that the design project - is only part of the payment.
For supervision you offer to pay 20% per month of the total project.

1. What did you pay?

2. Why is the amount payment is not stable, and is measured as a percentage?

3. Why do you actually need it?

All this will try to tell in more detail below.

Author's supervision

For what you pay for?

This is the approximate amount of work that a designer has taken on his shoulders:

- The designer comes to the site an average of 2-3 times a week and keeps track of all the nuances of repair;

- Contact with the superintendent and sees to it that he carried out the work according to the project (as opposed to "our judgment");

- Keeps on monitoring the timeliness of deliveries of materials and furniture to work is not idle;

- Monitors the proper assembly of the kitchen, furniture and other household items that need to install;

- With respect to the trust itself can take the work, products and pay to suppliers of materials;

- You have a real reason to hope that in the end your home will be exactly as it was planned at the time of creation of the design project.

Author's supervision for the repair

Why is the amount measured in% of?

The more expensive the planned repairs, the more expensive and bigger bought the design project.
Accordingly, all the finishing materials, furniture and lighting are also many times more expensive.

For example, ceramic tiles from Poland and natural marble in the bathroom - two big differences. Here, the cost of failure is high.
And, despite the fact that when correctly executeddrawings designer responsibility for subcontractors mistakes can not be held, he still takes responsibility to monitor the proper execution. And it requires a lot of concentration and often - a lot of time.

Author's supervision

Why do you need it?

- Save the personal and work time

(Those who are faced with the repair, withthe memories of that terrible period begins twitching eye. Because you just fall out of its operating mode. On the day you need to do at least 20 or even 50 calls, all to settle, to order, to dock people to follow, to take the goods to settle the force majeure etc.
This is - a big impact on productivity at work and as a result - obtained on for the "failed the" monthly income);

- Save your money

(Trust me on the floor, otherwise you'll have to experienceit is in their own skin - the money that you pay the designer a fraction of those that you will lose by spending time working on negotiations with suppliers and sofas showdown with builders);

- Take care of your nerves

(In any case you will spend it, butthe percentage ratio of 1:20 to work with the designer. You will worry that something does not come out - as it happens in 120% of cases, someone brings that because of this dressing you will not have time neither to workers nor in domestic affairs - not very pleasant picture, is not Do not you? The designer also takes over the limit and leaves you with only those issues that require direct your intervention);

- Not engage in that you are not interested

(You are burning desire to spend time and energy onlearning providers, compare prices, read specifications and other construction information? and why you need it? in a few months you will not reach the level of people with experience of several years in this area, and the goals will unnecessary and uninteresting to you personal information);

- You get the result that expect

(Those who order without the author's projectSupervision often dreams and reality do not coincide. Get your hands on a project, they paint a mental picture of your ideal future home. And what is the result? Well, if the result is a little bit similar.
This is due to oversaturation of the market in the unit of goods. Products so much and she is so diverse that sometimes it is simply impossible to resist.
So you buy "so beautiful" green chair,then it turns out that it is not supported by anything in the interior and the decide to change the color of the curtains. In this chain you farther and farther away will go towards the plan.
The designer, who will accompany you in the choice of materials, time remind the concept and you will avoid unnecessary peretrubatsy).

In my view, the arguments more compelling.
But to decide, of course, you.

If you choose to repair + the standard design project, agree on supervision.

If you want to see your designer author of the article - you here.
More to read about supervision - then here.

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