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Arches in the interior of the house or apartment

Arches in the interior have the ability toto transform the space, creating an aura of the hill. Due to the rounded shape of the top, the arch - as an element of architecture, makes the room visually softer, more elegant and robust. But first, it is necessary to understand what are the arches, and what their types are distinguished.

Arch - this design, to cover openings in the wall or the space between two supports. Usually, the top of the arch is rounded, but its shape can vary from semi-circular to the lancet.

Arches can be laid out from the wedge-shaped blocks that rely on each other, and the construction itself - be used to support the walls and foundations.

Speaking of arches, mention should be made of thisphenomenon as an arcade - the same number of arches supported by columns. These are used mainly in the public galleries, but fragments of the arcade today you can find the interior spacious town houses or villas in construction.

The main types of arches

Pointed arch - frequent in the Gothic style, is composed of two arcs that intersect at an angle.

Persian arch - is neither pointed nor semicircular but rather - semi-elliptical.

Horseshoe arches - their arch extending beyond the heelarch (heel of the arch - an arch between the plate and the support). This type of arch is common in Islamic architecture, but they are often used in the interior in the Moroccan style. In turn, the horseshoe-shaped arches are rounded and pointed.

The semi-circular arches - emerged in France in the twelfth century, and have a rounded top, covered with ornaments. The arch rests on stone pillars.

Arches Tudor - shallow arches werepopular in the era of the Tudors, for which he became known. Today, this type of arch is quite in demand as a zoning element between two rooms (for example, kitchen and living room).

Renaissance arch - on the model of semicircular arches with keystones in the arch center, frieze and cornice.

Arches in the interior of the house or apartment1

Where use of arches in the interior

In general, such a beautiful architectural elementappropriate everywhere: in the living room, lobby, a small hallway, a spacious bedroom, a bright nursery, dressing room, in the kitchen or bathroom. Arches in the interior visually increase the height of ceilings in standard apartments, and create a cozy atmosphere in the large houses. A simple situation they make exquisite, and in the interior of a private residence look organic, but not pretentious.

Window and door openings

If you want to use the arched elementsModern interior of the apartment, you just form a semi-circular openings for interior doors and windows, when you look at who will develop an exclusive impression. Such a decision would be all the more successful that the arched openings are appropriate in many styles of interior classical to modern.

Arches in the interior of the house or apartment
Arches in the interior of the house or apartment

As zoning element

Visually separate one functional premisesanother also can use the wide, with a shallow dome - soffit, arch. Essentially, this is the same doorway increased in two - three times as wide. Often, such zoning arch erected between the hallway and living room, kitchen and dining room, kitchen and living room, bedroom and dressing room.

Zonirovat room, using arches and can be as follows: For example, in the bathroom separate working area with sink, cabinets and a mirror on the area in which the bath is located; or form arched doorway between the game and the sleeping area in the nursery.

Arches in the interior of the house or apartment
Arches in the interior of the house or apartment

The transition from one room to another

In another way, not a long corridor with a semicircular arch that leads from the bedroom to the office from the hallway into the living room, or as a gallery adjacent to several rooms in the house.

This architectural element is recommendedcarefully decorated, focusing attention on it: to lay out a set of mosaics, tile or brick, use the painting and moldings of polyurethane oblitsevat curved wooden elements. Wall under the arches can be decorated with paintings, panels, or leave smooth, painted - all this depends on the style of adjacent rooms and your own preferences.

Arches in the interior of the house or apartment
Arches in the interior of the house or apartment

Decorative element

The most simple, does not require much effort fromyour side, but very effective way to decorate the room space - the so-called "pseudo" or waybill arch. It is convenient by the fact that to create it is not necessary to use expensive materials, and you'll be able to create the desired shape, for example, plasterboard or polyurethane.

Pseudo, or as they are called, "decorative"arch - is rounded niches under furniture, appliances, shelves or mirrors; This portals around the fireplace or a kitchen range hoods. Interior with decorative arches looks stylish, unbanal, and very attractive, creates the necessary scope and nature of any room.

Arches in the interior of the house or apartment
Arches in the interior of the house or apartment

Materials for production of arches

Stone and brick

In order to form the arch brick orstone should be used for their specific shape - tapered (trapezoidal). This process is quite complex, and it is better to entrust the professionals, because the creation of the stone arch - a complex, phased work does not tolerate carelessness. As a result, it turns textured arch or doorway, which is very harmoniously merges into the interior atmosphere of a country style, the Mediterranean or the loft.

Arches in the interior of the house or apartment1


Classics at its best, wooden elements in building arches - this is a great investment for the year. Your interior will acquire status and a good appearance.

Arches made of wood are durable and reliable, and to formsuch need, knowing that the walls and support steadfastly stand the weight of the structure. Selection of high quality processed rock and a lot of important, it determines the length of life and presentable arch elements in the interior.

Arches in the interior of the house or apartment


Flexible material, durable, moisture-resistant, withtime will not crack and does not turn yellow, can be painted. Create an arch made of polyurethane is a pleasure, and work with it, you can independently, using a special glue. A variety of polyurethane decorative elements is striking: from smooth moldings of any width, to the relief rosettes, pilasters, bases and capitals. With their help, you can drastically change the look of the room in which the arch is erected.

Arches in the interior of the house or apartment

gypsum plasterboard

The main advantage of this material isaccessibility, flexibility and ease of operation. Using roll-formed profiles, you can quickly create any kind of lancet arches to the horseshoe, and then it is also easy to decorate wood, polyurethane or tile elements.

Arches in the interior of the house or apartment

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