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Accented wall in the interior

Accented wall - a rarity in ourapartments. Primarily, this is due to a large number of issues, enveloping them - Where? What for? How? In this article we will try to answer these and some other issues.

Accented wall - this is one of the room's walls, which differs from the other wall colors, pattern, having a pattern, stickers and wallpapers.

In some cases, it is worth considering an accented wall:

To create a focal point
If you want to attract attention to a particularsite facilities and divert it from the secondary zones should apply the method of focusing on one wall. Against the background of the wall punctuated by very advantageous will look furniture, fireplace, large mirror or art objects (paintings, medallions).

To change the space
Dark accented wall visually makesthe room briefly, as it appears optically into the room, too, it can help to visually "lower" the ceiling. In a long and narrow room, punctuated by light or bright wall will serve as a "stop" point, which limits the length of the room.

To create more expressive interior
If architecture and interior space too "styryl" and monotonous. Aktsenirovannaya wall - a great way to add some color to the interior and allow the eye for something to cling to.1

In some cases, akntirovannaya wall is unnecessary:

To add a little color
For these purposes it is better to use the accessories, furniture and decor items. Accented wall too high to make it with the help of decorative changes.2

If you are unsure about choosing colors
The most common mistake when choosing colorsfor accented walls - he just needs to cardinally different from the other colors in the room. In fact, such a wall will only irritate and make the imbalance in the interior. Despite kazhushuyusya easy choice, color accented walls should be chosen very carefully.

If the room is already the focus point
Accented wall is better to use in order to underline the existing focal point, rather than create it another.

As a compromise the color
If you can not be defined with a choice of color and decided to use multiple colors only because they are both of you like one as the main color for the room and one for wall accent.

As a tribute to fashion
Accented wall is not fit in every interior, it is, first of all, must be consistent with the overall interior style.

Selection of interior walls accented with:

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