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What should be changed in the house before the baby is born

The appearance of a new person in the family - it's alwaysan exciting event, which is looking forward to both parents and closest relatives. Besides the huge amount of emotion, the heads of young moms and dads overwhelmed disturbing thoughts that everything is done correctly in the house, and what remains to be done in order to fully enjoy every moment spent with the child.

Birth of a baby: How to equip a room for a newborn

Today we tell about how to arrange the room shared by parents and the newborn baby.

Space for cot

It often happens that you need to accommodate a babyfurniture and stuff directly in their parents' room. Perhaps due to the fact that the family lives in a studio apartment or want a newborn baby as long as possible was near, but not in a separate room.


Baby room

Well, if the bed is at the window, but at a safe distance, because you certainly will constantly ventilate the room, but it is fraught with drafts that are not will benefit the child.
Do not place the baby box near the battery or other heater, since over-dried air and high temperatures in the heating season is not good for the child.


Baby room

For a newborn is extremely important to getsufficient daylight, therefore, desirable to place the cot in the opposite and furthest from the window wall. Ideally, the area of ​​your room allows you to install it at a distance of 50 to 100 centimeters from the window.

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Baby room

Section for children's clothes

In the first year of life he did not needa lot of things, but only the most necessary. This will allow you some time to not buy an extra chest of drawers and a wardrobe, thus saving valuable square meters.


Baby room

While the baby is small enough, his clothes will fitOn two or three shelves of your closet, but if you want, you can add an additional crossbar or a pipe for the trembles, so that the overalls and jackets do not crumple.


Baby room

Such a pipe can be placed at a height of 1 m from the bottom of the cabinet in the compartment with outer clothing. As a rule, this lower section is not used.

Also, it is necessary to prepare one or two drawers for storage of sliders and other underwear.


Baby room

Necessary baby furniture

You can do without for a while childcabinet, but changing table should be, after all, a baby changing clothes, bending over his bed, Mom feel in danger all the troubles associated with back pain.

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Baby room

Following the changing table, comethe need to purchase a compact chest, and it's a great opportunity to combine one and another. You'll save a place, and eventually, disappear when the need for changing table, chest of drawers on the table top can be folded toys and other children's items.

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Baby room

Remove excess

In the room where the little people live apart from you, often there are too many things, and no matter how difficult it was to part with some of them, yet should they remove (at least briefly).


Baby room

Among the items of a certain danger to life and health of your crumbs, are the following:


By making the first steps, the child lacks allcatches on the arm, for example, curtains. Pulling them down, it may weaken the attachment, and then drop the structure itself. Well, if instead of the traditional cornice attached the ceiling, and that reliable and visually lifts the ceiling.

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Baby room

Large wool carpet

It's one thing if the floor of your bedroom is coveredCarpet, but completely different, when two-thirds of its area is covered with a carpet. It is necessary to get rid of it before the child is born, precisely because it can provoke an allergic reaction in the baby whose immunity is only being formed.


Baby room

Curtains lambrequins

Ranked second in the number accumulated in the dust and germs.


Flowers in pots, vases, figurines better carry out of the room or remove higher, for example, suspended shelves with safe fastenings.

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Baby room


Chairs, benches and ironing boards. The room in which the baby develops, obliged to be as spacious, so is a prerequisite for ridding it of unwanted bulky items.

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Baby room

Choose a textile and a rug

By freeing the room from the cumbersome things, yetyou need to take care of their best replacement. So, instead of heavy curtains, Roman blinds make sewing to be more appropriate in a room with a small child. Choose natural cotton bedspreads for herself and the baby cots, as in the region around it, and your chair lay a light and soft mat, he will not let the legs freeze during the night feeding.

What should be changed in the house before the baby is born

Baby room

Add light

Suppose, before you hear about the futurereplenishment in the family, the apartment was dominated by dark shades on the walls, floor and furniture. Agree, because dark palette - not the best environment for a child's crib with the newborn, and the older child is unlikely to please the absence of bright colors.

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Baby room

But if there is no way to completely remodel a room, we advise you to do the following:

We paint the ceiling in light color

Whiten, repaint or use a tension structure - the choice is yours, depending on the capabilities of the budget and the time available.

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Baby room

Select light curtains

In a room with dark walls will help save the situation as the curtains can be a lighter shade (cream, the color of the eggshell, ivory, white).


Baby room

Additional light sources

Install several additional sourcesSveta. One or two walls can be pasted with light wallpaper, covered with paint with bright fresh pigment. The purchase of furniture from light wood species (alder, spruce, pine), or painted.


Baby room

Observe safety measures

Not only the room in which your child is,but also other rooms in the house have to be as safe. Each subsequent month you will celebrate the successes of the new baby, and the time will come when he, unaided will pass from one room to another, simultaneously exploring everything in its path.

Kitchen - the most dangerous room, by virtue of its specifics, therefore it is necessary to acquire various adaptations to protect yourself and the child from undesirable consequences.

Today we know a lot of devices,do not allow to open or close the cabinets and drawers with dangerous liquids and chemicals. Among them are good to use a variety of bollards, fixed on the door handles, tight tabs on the socket. Installed on the door, they will not allow the baby to get into restricted areas without adult permission.


Safety measures for the baby

You can install protective shields the edge of the hob surface, which is very convenient if the crumb from time to time tries to reach out to the plate.


Safety measures for the baby

With the objective to protect the curious toddler help guides opening windows and silicone pads on the corners of furniture and doors.

What you need to change or add to the house, if there was a child

Safety measures for the baby

All these and other nuances should be better planned and organized before the birth of the child.

We wish you pleasant cares and wonderful moments spent with a newborn in a cozy and comfortable home!

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