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Project of the Week: 5 Secrets from the designer for the child of two girls

It's good when the child has a personal room -Territory of security, an islet of freedom and a range of independence. However, if there are several children in the family, it is not always possible to provide each with their own premises. What problems can arise if the room should be shared by the sisters? How should there be a children's room for two girls, so that it's comfortable and convenient for both?

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Twin room for twins

The interior of the children's room for twin girls

Making out a children's room for two girls,Remember - this is not just a room for a child, where he can sleep alone or do lessons in front of the whole family. This is an important element in the formation of the personality, for it is the private room that gives the child:

1. security

2. Freedom

3. Independence and responsibility.

When it comes to a children's room for two girls, this list is supplemented by the fourth element:

4. Communication skills and the ability to come to an agreement.


Twin bedroom for girls

All for two

"First, all pieces of furniture were purchased"For two" - two folding beds, two combined tables for games, two chairs, two shelves and so on. Thanks to the fact that everything is divided equally, none of the girls feel deprived, each has its own space to play and relax. "- says the designer.


Children's room for twins girls


Twin bedroom for girls

Two zones

"Secondly, the nursery is divided into two zones - a zoneRecreation with folding sofas and bedside shelves, and a zone of games with shelves for books, children's wardrobe, grilling board, tables for games. These two zones are separated by a sliding wooden door., - continues the designer. - In this way it is possible to organize not only the space of the room, but in this way influence the behavior of the children in it. In the zone of games you can frolic and indulge as much as you like, and in the recreation area - to sleep. So, the children will very quickly understand what's what, and they will soon fall asleep in their beds, not making hysterics. "


Children's room for two girls

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Children's room for two girls

Favorite toys

"Place your favorite toys and books in such a way thatChildren could easily reach them. Those toys with which they are played less often, and those books that are read with less interest - go to the top shelves. It is thanks to this organization, the girls themselves can find employment and play with each other. "- the designer shares the secret


Children's room for two girls

Storage areas

"Almost every corner of the room is usedFor storage of children's things and toys: narrow racks, a large wardrobe, part of which is occupied by boxes with toys and books. Also, drawers of tables and upper shelves above the beds are used, wall pockets, wall shelves, drawers in tables, drawers under the bed. "

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Twin bedroom for girls


Children's room for two girls


«For personalization use multicoloredThe names of girls on almost every basket or box. This is how you can teach your children to order and, more importantly, let the child know that in this room each of the girls has their own personal space, their personal toys. "- the designer also shares another secret.

Children's room for two girls

Children's room for two girls

Children's room for two girls

Children's room for two girls

Security and freedom

Girls need to have a separate corner, and preferably a room where he feels protected.

In the first place for them - psychological comfort. The possibility of privacy, life "not in front of" in adults, intimate conversations with girlfriends on the phone, girlish secrets. Confidence that no one will enter the room without knocking is more important to them than expensive furniture.


Twin bedroom for girls


Twin Twin Bedroom


Twin Twin Bedroom


Twin Twin Bedroom


Twin Twin Bedroom

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