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How to make the ceiling in the children's room

We again call on the topic of children's registrationRooms in this article, focusing on the most interesting ceiling design options. Perhaps someone will say that it is quite enough to make the ceiling smooth and traditional paint it white. In this case, we will try to convince you, clearly demonstrating the successful and most attractive ways to decorate the top of the child's room.

What you need to know about the design of the ceiling in the children

It is thought that there will be a ceiling,renovated, oppress the baby, because, dark and richly decorated, they are valid only in the fairly large and high rooms. If you, nevertheless, set out to arrange the surface of the ceiling a small child in the dark colors, you need to take care that the rest of the surfaces (walls, floor) was like a light as possible, and pendant lights - bright

Ceilings in the children's room - photo: bright design ideas

Choosing a ceiling design is best according to ageChild. For a child under 5 years old, there will be fun animated stories or images of nature; Children from 5 to 10 years will be interested in unusual intricate solutions, up to the structures built under the ceiling. But the older generation (11-15) will be pleased with modern design methods with technical innovations (LEDs, multi-level ceilings, fiber).
Carefully choose finishing materials. Paints should not contain harmful volatile substances, and ideally be environmentally friendly; wooden elements, preferably specially treated against pests, etc.


Create a beautiful wavy canopy with a light fabric - this ceiling will create a magical atmosphere for the baby

Sophisticated design, lined the ceiling, are required to comply with all the rules of safety and reliability (strong support, the maximum weight calculation).
Very well, when the ceiling surface is practical and easy to clean, because you never know what consequences to expect from the fun games.

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The ceiling made of wood is environmentally friendly, natural and hypoallergenic, which is very important for the health of the baby

The design of even the simplest of the ceiling in the room where the children live, has to bear only a positive, clean and good energy.

Painted ceiling

There is nothing easier and more convenient when you makeCeiling than dye it. But if just a decade ago, was taken to whitewash the surface, it can not surprise anyone now, the more that modern interior paints have significant advantages (ease of use, environmentally friendly, quick drying, a variety of flowers and ease of care).

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Ceiling in the nursery

Speaking about the placement of a nursery, do not forget aboutHis main purpose: the room should contribute to the harmonious development of the child. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to cheerful colors and different ways of applying them.


The ceiling with the image of the sky, angels will soothe the child

For example, You can paint the ceiling in a continuous mint,Yellow, sky blue or other color (at your discretion), or to act in a more original way, selecting unusual staining with stripes or using ornamentation.

Important! If you dwell on this design, you should take into account that the ceiling should be perfectly even without cracks, chips and irregularities, otherwise all these defects will become even more pronounced.


Ceiling in the nursery

Stretch ceiling

The possibility of diversity in the design of premiseschildren's - it is a merit of suspended ceilings, firmly established in the list of the most pressing design making. This type of ceiling is beautiful, very practical, in terms of wet cleaning, and the ability to hide flaws visible base of the ceiling, it, too, can easily mount the required number of lamps and LEDs, choose a unique picturesque scene.

Stretch ceilings for children are better to use not a continuous cloth, but separate fragments, combining them with gypsum plasterboard structures.

All because the elastic material is known to be very easy to damage with one prick, therefore it is easier to replace a small area than completely remove the entire coating.


Ceiling in the nursery

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Ceiling in the nursery

Multilevel ceiling plasterboard

To build an extraordinary ceiling, you can usegypsum board and frame made of metal profiles. In a child's room ceiling will be practical and functional, since it is easy to hide the wiring or ventilation, and to mount, for example, spots.

Essential advantage of this type of ceilingIs that you have the opportunity to embody the most incredible fantasies baby, and create over his head a silhouette of a flying saucer, a rocket, a ship or just an abstract figure. In addition, it is possible to beat the lighting of the room with great brilliance, using it in different levels of the ceiling gypsum plasterboard, visually to make it deeper help and the contrast of colors of the base (first) and second, third level.

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Ceiling in the nursery

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Ceiling in the nursery

The design of the complex ceiling

Designers are often faced with the problem of toothe intricate design of the ceiling in the nursery, which can significantly complicate the task of its design. The beam, roof, rounded shape and a sharp drop baselines ceilings essentially not so terrible.


All you have to do when you need to drawunconventional ceiling in the child's room, it is to accept the status quo and do not try to "redraw". Better just to improve the basis, for example, causing the paint to the depth and protruding parts in different colors, oblitsovyvaya of strips, tiles, stucco.

As a rule, often quite complex ceilingshigh, therefore, can be hung underneath a pair of beautiful chandeliers or models of aircraft and drifting clouds. All this is sure to enjoy the baby, of course, if it does not run counter to his taste preferences.

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Ceiling in the nursery

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Ceiling in the nursery

Cassette and coffered ceilings

Eco-friendly material, aesthetics and ease of installation of the ceiling inlaid deserve your trust, so feel free to use this method of design-ceiling room for a son or daughter.

Cassettes or slats nailed to a frame attached in advance, after which the ceiling can be painted.

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Ceiling in the nursery

Beamed ceiling is becoming increasingly popularnot only in children's rooms, but also in other areas of the house. Its peculiarity lies in the decoration of the surface of the recessed elements of square or rectangular shape. The material, in this case, can be wood, MDF, polyurethane, gypsum board. Children certainly transformed when used for the ceiling coffers, because they look unusual and very attractive, without compromising the integrity of the image room.

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Ceiling in the nursery

fantasy ceiling

Perhaps the most difficult, but, nevertheless, one of thethe most interesting options for the design of the ceiling in the room children's - it's a dream, embodied the talent and imagination of the designer. Immediately it should be noted that to create such masterpieces of the best in a spacious room with walls of sufficient height.

Children will lead to complete and unconditional delight of the nose of the pirate ship directly overhead.

A bold decision to build something similar in the room of your child can be realized provided that nothing in the design will not threaten the life and health of the child.

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Ceiling in the nursery

If you want extraordinary, but no frills arrange the ceiling in a room with young children, should think about the design of the tent with the use of drapery fabrics.

Council: It will be better if the draped ceiling is chosen light, and the material - with flickering inserts (a shiny thread or small mirrors).

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Ceiling in the nursery

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Ceiling in the nursery


Ceiling in the nursery

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Ceiling in the nursery


Ceiling in the nursery

Good luck!

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