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How to make a children's playroom

In my childhood we have all dreamed of a separatethe game room, but, often, even a private room was not many children. How loving and caring parents, kids today, the former aspire to create the best conditions to have their children and make their childhood bright, cheerful, to the extent possible.


How to make a children's playroom

Playroom for children

In this article, we draw your attention to the question of the competent arrangement of a separate room, designed for the games and development of the child.


How to make a children's playroom

Also, let's talk about where else in the house you can draw up a similar zone, so that children have a separate space for personal use.

Important components of the design of the game room


In the process of design of the room for the games you mustconsider whether your child be comfortable in the room, engage and develop. Primarily it depends on the comfort level of illumination quality, and temperature conditions of furniture, appropriate age child.


It is assumed that children will often remain inGame one, and parents - to do their own business, periodically visiting them. That is why the issue of arranging a safe and safe space for a child should be treated with all seriousness.

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How to make a children's playroom

So, all the wooden surfaces and objectsShould be treated, making absolutely smooth, so that children do not pierce the delicate skin. Sockets and switches must be mounted according to the rules, and also use protective lining-valves, light sources - choose stable, serviceable. Cornices for curtains must be securely fixed, and the sash of the windows - equipped with special stoppers, locks, preventing the opening.


How to make a children's playroom

Installing indoor game objects (slides, swings), be sure to check the reliability of fastening and the material from which they are made


How to make a children's playroom

Where to equip a game room

Frankly, not everyone has the opportunity to allocate a separate room intended only for children to play. But if you want to find, or free up such a zone can be in the following areas.


How to make a children's playroom


If you live in your own home, where the mostroof there is an attic room - it is possible to create conditions for full-fledged living room or children's play (when there is no need to equip an additional bedroom or office).


How to make a children's playroom

Naturally, towards warm and comfortablegame, will need to overcome many difficulties, such as insulation and waterproofing, electricity and wall surfaces, installation of new windows and so on.


The attic is converted into a game room

Under the stairs

Another attractive option for everythingplaying area - a flight of stairs into a large hallway or a room with a mezzanine floor. In this case, you will need to organize a good light, as in the evening there will be a dark and uncomfortable.


Place under the stairs: Cozy cute little house for children


Place under the stairs: Cozy cute little house for children

The zone in the living room

If your apartment or house a large living roomopen plan, combined, for example, a kitchen or hallway, there may be plenty of room for a good play area with everything you need to ensure that the child has been busy painting, designing or modeling.

Games, organized in part of the living room, allows parents to unobtrusively monitor the children and not have to worry about their safety.



Not bad, in our view, the room, for whichgame will be an organic solution, because in the verandas are always a lot of light and air. It remains only to decide whether the game is organized temporarily during the warm summer period, or become permanent. The second option will require you to the same actions as in the case of the attic to insulate the cold porch and create better conditions there.


We decorate the game room correctly


Game Room is not only foroutdoor games, give the child the energy output during the day. It can also be very useful in terms of development and cognition of the world. For example, you can arrange the room using a wall map of the world or the habitats of animals, alphabet, numbers, symbols (flags, ornaments, logos).


Learning to read!


Let's get to know the world!


Take care of your baby's comfort: Bed on the floor warm colorful carpet, install mini-sofa or a couple of chairs, bags, get some funny poufs or floor pillows.

In the corners of the room should be placed sourcesLocal lighting: floor lamps or stable table lamps, in addition to the main overhead light. If you are not sure about the reliability of lamps and floor lamps, it is worth replacing them with wall sconces, to which the children do not exactly reach.


Comfort and comfort for the child


Games room for girls


The games room is required to installstructure for storing a large number of toys, developing board games, books and small sports equipment. This can short bookcase, built-in pocket or attached to a wall surface, low chests with open shelves and plastic containers, wood, wicker.

With their help, it will be possible to organize a space for objects of different purpose and teach the child to put things in a certain way, keeping a permanent order in the playroom


Children's playroom


Children's playroom


When parents decide to organize a gameroom, they know that it will require some investments, as well as knowledge, because this building - a very specific. To the children, while in the game, developed in harmony and feel good, you should buy the right furniture: tables, chairs for creativity and board games, cabinets, console or chest of drawers, height and age appropriate children.


Children's playroom


Depending on the size of the premises, it can beuse of objects such as slides, houses with ladders, swings, trampolines, makeshift huts or wigwams, hammocks and stuff. Without them, the game would be complete and would be rather academic class, rather than a room for the comprehensive development of your baby.


Playroom for children


Playroom for children

Good luck!

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