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How to arrange a room for twins

Perhaps many people think anxiously about the upcomingrepair of the room for the newborn twins, or how a small area to place everything necessary for school-age twins. We hasten to assure you that you can quite easily cope with this task, if you take into account in advance some useful recommendations.


Children's interior for twins

Interior of a children's room for twins

External resemblance does not mean that there will be childrenthe same abilities, tastes and opinions, because we are all different and the twins are no exception. One of the twins, the girls will be well to draw, and someone - to sing; one boy twin becomes an athlete, the second - a mathematician.

These characteristics and propensities to certainareas of knowledge (art) should be taken into consideration in the regeneration of a child's room: one child set his easel, the other to allocate space for a musical instrument.

divide in half

When the area of ​​the house or apartment is not enough toIn order to give each child a separate room, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for the twins in the same room. In the common room with children will grow, develop, play and occasionally argue. That is why it is important to immediately try to delineate the space, so to speak, to divide it into two equal halves.

Thus, each of the twins get for personal use a small, but a private space where the child can somehow retire.


Children's interior for twins


Children's interior for twins

Forming functional zones

We each article devoted to the organizationspace a living room, constantly reiterate the need zoning premises. Therefore, today we recall that the nursery for twins, like any other room, it is necessary to arrange so that it now has a place to sleep and rest (beds), training and work (workplace), wardrobe.


Children's interior for twins

If the area of ​​the room allows, it is better notmixing zone data, and each take one part of the room, for example: along one wall to install a bed, which is located opposite the desks, and in the end of the room to organize the section to store children's clothes.


Children's interior for twins

Thus, it is possible to equip a comfortable space in the center of which will be enough space for outdoor games, and the perimeter of the room will be a thoughtful and functional.

place a bed

Gemini lucky since birth havereliable best friend who will always support, understand, and will participate in all pranks. But one of the guys - a private person, for which it is essential to have something his own, and to dispose of things items at its discretion.

Design- and-interior- of- a-children's- room- for - boys-1

Children's interior for twins

Naturally, in the children's twins have to be two separate beds, but each of them should be skilfully positioned in the room to both the children do not cause discomfort.


Children's interior for twins

beds are parallel to each other in one of the walls;
Two bed wall may be located along one another;
in a small room should think about installing a bunk bed: it significantly saves space;
Sleeps nice positioned in the image of the letters "r", but watch out for the fact that both were at some distance from the door.

Children's- room-2-0

Children's interior for twins


Children's interior for twins

Equips workplace

Do not ignore the problem of organizing the working area, which will serve as a venue for twins development of creative abilities, amusing table games or written school assignments.

The working area is necessary in any child's room, regardless of its size and the presence of other large furniture. In addition, do not sit at the same table twins - children will be uncomfortable and cramped.

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Children's interior for twins

If you want to save space,use a pair of the same mobile tables or one, but long countertop along the wall, complete with two compact ergonomic chairs. We hasten to note that children are twins always something shared, arguing about which one of them will be the first to use this or that thing. But lighting board instruments twins do not have to share - let everyone will have.


Children's interior for twins

Dressing for Two

Two guys, similar as two drops of water, withBorn accustomed to use things with each other by sharing hats, sweaters or dresses (girls). But in the future the children will love life, their homes, and therefore, it is better from the start to teach the twins to organize and manage reserved for them wardrobe.

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Children's interior for twins

To the children, going for a walk,quickly and easily find their own, rather than sisters' (brother) things, is to equip a dressing room so that it happened two compartments with an equal set of rods, shelves and drawers.


Children's interior for twins

If there is no built-in wardrobe, set of drawers in the room a couple of the same size, each of which children will be able to issue their own taste.

Color spectrum

If you want to design the interior roomstwins - girls or boys - with a choice of color of the walls, curtains and other accessories, often, there is no problem: pink and cream-colored, blue and pistachio, red and brown, and others. But it is much more difficult to choose the color, if the room will live heterosexual twins: a boy and a girl.


Children's interior for twins

Do not be upset, because therea large number of shades of "unisex" is equally suitable for boys 'and girls' interiors. For example, sand and chocolate palette with white and green hues; light gray tones with silver, blue and lilac.

Also, the design of the room is to apply the twins classic stripes, zigzags, geometric pattern, which may appeal to both children.


Children's interior for twins


Besides the basic furniture (beds, tables and cabinets) is recommended to supplement such situation:


Children's interior for twins

1. Banks - chests for storing personal belongings of twins;
2. cups or chairs;
3.Table mini-chests for jewelry, collections, stationery;
4. a pair of bright rugs near the beds;
5.decorative pillows;
6. original bedside sconces and other pleasant and useful things that will help create a friendly, fun and kind atmosphere in the nursery.


Children's interior for twins


Children's interior for twins

Good luck!

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