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Begin to play sports can never besooner or later, and these simple exercises like squats, push-ups or pull-ups are able to not only strengthen your muscles, and improve your mood. Try to instill in your child a love of physical education from an early age, for example, using the established in the nursery wall bars. In addition, we are confident that you'll want to be sure to show a good example of a daze, from time to time performing the exercises on the horizontal bar.


Swedish wall for children

What is the Swedish wall

Swedish wall - a sports equipment thatis a staircase from the floor-to-ceiling windows, most often installed near the wall. This "wall" ends the horizontal bar, and besides it can be included in the ropes, gymnastic rings, parallel bars, mat, bench and so on.


Swedish wall for children

How to choose a reliable wall bars and properly install it in the room, we'll continue to

It is important to know before you buy

Install wall bars should only be near the load-bearing walls!

There are three ways of fastening the wall bars: "Vraspor" to the ceiling and the floor, the wall, "vraspor" to the floor and the ceiling with the optional wall mounting. The latter method is the most reliable of all the above.

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Swedish wall for children

If the tension in the room, or suspended ceilings, mount the bomb can only be to the wall (in four places)
It is better to buy a shell with a view to itsfuture use. That is, once installed should be in such a way that a structure is able to withstand not only the weight of the child, and adult.

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Swedish wall for children

Note the crossbar, as not protected with a special material, they will slide (this applies primarily to the metal wall elements)
In time, check the quality of associated equipment: material for ropes and ropes for gymnastic rings to serve as natural cotton, the presence of all the fasteners (bolts and screws).


Swedish wall for children

With an average ceiling height (2.50 - 2.60 m)sports wall should be 2.20 - 2.30 m, so the gap remains below the ceiling for the pull-ups on the bar. The optimum number of spokes 10 should be equal.

Types Swedish walls


Ideal for use in children's rooms for several reasons, namely:

• Environmentally friendly - the main advantage of wooden objects

• Aesthetics of rocks, beech or pine, fromwhich is often, and produce children Swedish walls, impresses unconditionally. The interior, like sports equipment looks harmoniously, without depriving the comfort room.

• Safety due to minimal tree slip

• Possibility of wall bars complement swings, ladder, bench or a basketball hoop

The disadvantage is their wooden shellsfragility, since sooner or later, under the weight of the growing baby and its carefree games, there will be cracks in the material, and the design becomes more unstable and unusable.

It should be noted that the wooden wall bars are designed for a maximum weight of 80 (pine) and 120 kg (beech).


Swedish wall for children


Buying wall bars of metal, you and yourchildren get to enjoy it for many years. The durability and reliability - the main qualities for which has been many generations of parents appreciate this round.

• Metal wall mounted, as mentioned above, to the ceiling surface (if it is not made of plasterboard) and the floor or wall. The method of fixing depends on the quality and type of the latter.

• You do not have to buy once the wall, fully equipped all possible ammunition from the rope to the bench, but you will have the opportunity to purchase a them as needed.


Swedish wall for children

Select and install wall bars in the nursery

• The very design does not take up much space, becauselocated along the wall, but around it should be enough space to, doing the exercises, the child could not hurt, and hits the objects that are too close.

• You choose where to install the shell, butremember that you should not do it near the front door, especially if it opens in the direction of "the wall". Not bad, if the room has a glassed-in balcony, where we could establish such a structure, without prejudice to the organization of the room.

• When installing wall bars in a child's room, you will not only make contribution to its development, but also significant cost savings in the acquisition of other sports overall supplies.


Swedish wall for children

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