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Current trends in the design of the room for the newborn girl

If a family was born a girl, parentsto be a difficult, but very pleasant and fascinating work on arrangement of a newborn room. It should be noted that today in interior design children's maiden all less likely to use a large amount of candy-pink shades, and the whole image of the room can be both feminine and romantic, and the bright, boyishly mischievous.


Design of a room for a newborn girl

Children's interior design for a newborn girl


Design of a room for a newborn girl

In the new year 2017, it is strongly recommended to abandon the following, rather common methods and elements in the design of children's rooms for girls, since it is difficult to surprise such variants:

Ruches and flounces

Undoubtedly, these elements - a tribute to romanticism, but now talk about current trends in contemporary design, so hurry to delete unnecessary sentimentality of the fashion list.


Design of a room for a newborn girl

Too much pink

It would be better if this color will be used in small amounts, such as bedding or a soft rug for the feet, in the color of the door or window frames, in accessories.

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Design of a room for a newborn girl

Dark furniture

Of course, objects made of wood darkrock - a luxury, but the room is not the place newborn girl kind of thing. A small chest of drawers or a cot can be used, but a set of dark furniture - just too much.


Design of a room for a newborn girl

If you are in search for the most current fashion trends, you will definitely be interested in our article with a selection of stylish interiors and touching children's rooms.

Oriental fairy tale

Agree, the interior nursery with elements of oriental flavor - it is unusual and fresh, so designers are encouraged to use in the arrangement of rooms characteristic for this style of objects and textures.

For example, can be found in many salonsBeautiful chandeliers and sconces in the Arabic style: with tassels, pendants and colored glass. Above the crib attach lightweight design with a sheer fabric canopy and one of the walls of wallpaper paste over with Damascus pattern.


Design of a room for a newborn girl

The small woven mats on the floor, low ottomans, and velvet throw pillows can be used as fashion accessories.

Surrounding daughter beautiful things and fine shades of early childhood, you put it in the minds of the desire to create harmony and aesthetics around them in the future.

Design of a room for a newborn girl

Wall composition

The incredibly popular today, Scandinavian styleinteriors, which are used in the design of the different rooms, including and children. So, for example, in the children's room for a girl you can be interesting to focus on the empty wall with the collection of certain items:

1. sets of pictures in a laconic framework, simple geometric forms;
2.volume jewelry in the form of flowers, animal figures or moths;
3. A string of lace, wooden or glass beads.

It should be clarified that the background for such decoration must be reserved (wallpaper or paint light neutral tone).


Design of a room for a newborn girl


Design of a room for a newborn girl


Small singing, bright exotic ornoble good birds can settle in the interior of the room a little girl. Of course we are talking only about the images feathered creatures, and not a real bird.

The room will be like the Garden of Eden, ifdecorate it with wallpaper or painted walls, illustrating birds on branches of flowering trees. It is also an excellent buy for the child can be linens with tits, robins pictures in openwork framework or curtains with a pattern of pink flamingos.


Design of a room for a newborn girl


Design of a room for a newborn girl

Lovely Baby-mobile

The first toys of the newborn are rattles, baby's own fingers, and Baby-mobile - rotating suspensions in the form of a variety of objects and objects.



Recommended in the girls' room to useBaby-mobile with hanging clouds, kites, moths and flowers, birds and rainbows. Such toys will delight and soothe the girl, but also become a beautiful addition to the interior of the nursery.





Bed and ornament

It's time to talk about the actual colorsfor the organization of space for children's newborn baby. To do this perfectly suit all shades of pastel palette: cream, mint, sky blue, peach and pale salmon, yellow blur, light gray, silver and sand.


Design of a room for a newborn girl

Their peculiarity lies in the fact that no matter how you experimented with the number - all shades go perfectly with each other and allow you to create a rainbow, but an uncomplicated environment.

Children's interior can safely be calledtrend, if you combine it with a soft pastel geometric or floral ornament. This tandem will not leave anyone indifferent, and the room of your daughter will be called not only as the most stylish and comfortable.


Design of a room for a newborn girl


Design of a room for a newborn girl

Stylish peas

If you are looking for a way through which the interiorchildren's room newborn girl will remain fashionable for several years, will remember about the classic win-win drawings. That has always been and remains a common, well-known peas: graphic, vivid, unusual. This pattern is chosen followers laconic, but always well-aimed decoration of rooms, and for the baby's room conditions pea print will undoubtedly fashionable and fun accent on the walls, upholstery, textiles.


Design of a room for a newborn girl

Design of a room for a newborn girl

Good luck!

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