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Children's room for a boy from birth to 10 years

Personal space have to be ateach child, because it is necessary for the development and formation of the person, not sandwiched frameworks and conventions. If your apartment has two, three or more bedrooms, one of them you will, of course, will give to the child.

Today we tell about how to equip a nursery for a boy under the age of 10 years.

Tips for organizing the children's space

The room must be supplied a sufficient amount of daylight.

Select the most light for a child's room: what is in the south-east, south-west side, or that in which the biggest window.

Do not forget that in the evening you needIt will also cover the area of ​​children's intensive that during the reading sessions or games eyes was comfortable. Besides the main source of light on the ceiling, install the local as sconces, floor lamp or table lamp and decorative nightlight.


Design of a children's room for a boy

natural high-quality materials should be used in wall surfaces.

Thus, as a floor covering selectwooden boards, parquet. Wall sheathing panels can be on third floor, the rest of the distance to the ceiling papered with a washable surface. The ceiling, if the surface is smooth, can simply be painted with latex paint, or use tension or suspension structure.

When selecting furniture for the children's room the boy should be guided by criteria of convenience, safety and quality.


Design of a children's room for a boy

So, for the bully by nature, a very lively child, you should not buy a bed with metal corners. Better if with the son you will choose a stable bed with frame made of beech, oak, walnut.

Desk and seating furniture mustappropriate to the age of the child, by its dimensions, responding to the rules of ergonomics. Chest of drawers, cabinets and shelving should be chosen roomy, but the proportionate size of the room, in which an area for outdoor games, gymnastic exercises should not be constrained by anything.

Natural dense tissue are necessary in a boy's room for tailoring functionality of curtains, upholstery chairs, covers for pillows.


Design of a children's room for a boy

All of this will be tested for strength, therefore, it is required to withstand constant cleaning and load (children love to pull the curtains).

Safe implementation of all suspended and curtain designs.

Cornices, shelves, racks, chandeliers, lamps, sockets,switches have to be installed safely and thoughtfully, no negligence here can not be, because the quality of the installation of such items, sometimes depends on the child's health.


Design of a children's room for a boy

In the children - only children's clothes.

The child should be placed only baby items, leave the porcelain vases and glass figurines for a living. Also, remove the massive dark cupboard or an awkward old sofa.

Organize convenient area in the room.

The room in which from now on will live yourlittle son should contain several functional areas: a bedroom, game (sports), for employment. But when the room size is small, you can try to combine one of the zones on the other, leaving more room for a third.

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Design of a children's room for a boy

Baby boy for furnished by age

With the passage of time you will have to make somechanges in the interior of the child, because my son will have new hobbies, needs and preferences relating to the environment surrounding it. Next, we shared an article on four points, devoting every feature of a boy aged from 0 to 10 years.

Baby for the boy from birth to 3 years

Age from birth to three years of a child many consider the most interesting, because in this period the baby is constantly changing, bringing joy to the parents of their achievements, unique facial expressions, kind of hooliganism.


Design of a children's room for a boy

In the first year of life the boy anything but cozycots, gentle hands and amusing toy, it is not necessary. In the children's newborn baby boy should be set cot bed with adjustable height, low shelving for toys (or rather, for the convenience of parents), chest of drawers for clothes and some furniture for seating to be comfortable and adult.


Design of a children's room for a boy

Your son to the year of his life only to learn to walk, and then falling and stumbling - take care of the soft carpet and remove unnecessary objects blocking the way for him.

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Design of a children's room for a boy

With two years before the boy with great interestHe learns the world around, and tries to try it on taste and color. Make sure that the room still was not fragile and small items in the window is better to hang roman shades or shutters, and if the curtains, then with a reliable, fast bolted eaves.

In order not to have to change wallpaper every two or three years, paste over the walls neutral, without a pattern. They then can be decorated with funny pictures, pictures or garland.

All surfaces and materials with a dense pickstructure, so that in case dirt can be easily cleaned or washed with plain water. If a bed mat, it is better to give preference to one that has a short nap; chair in this period it is better to hide the replaceable blanket or sew a special cover


Design of a children's room for a boy

Nearly three years, the boy appears a largenumber of educational toys: cars, building blocks, coloring books, board games and more. These now need to be placed somewhere, accustoming the child to order and for its care facilities.

The room should appear rack, children's table and chair, an additional pad. Give his son a special travel bag for pencils and paints, clay and crayons - the boy will be delighted.

Develop in the son aesthetic taste from a young age. This means that the design of the child must be approached creatively, as far as possible avoiding the templates in its design.


Design of a children's room for a boy

So, the usual use of blue, blue andGray with red shades can be supplemented with white, cream, gently green. Let the child from the childhood get used to see around itself harmony of forms and combinations of colors. Do not pursue animated images, filling them with a children's room: the passion will pass, and the son will be bored with such a neighborhood. Remember the neutral pastel shades, which can form the basis of the stylish interior of the nursery.


Design of a children's room for a boy

Baby boy for 3 - 5 years

This age - a time when it is time to change the babycrib more "adult" version of it. For example, to buy an unusual wooden bed with colored headboard or establish a two-tier, the bottom of which the issue or area of ​​creative games.

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Design of a children's room for a boy

The boy is clearly manifested the ability todrawing, modeling, sports games or music. Now it can be installed in the children's compact wall bars, put in a good window table and chair, a chest of drawers to put on a DVD-player or a tape recorder. Examine them carefully to hobbies son in time to create all the conditions for the harmonious development for him.

If you re-choose curtains for baby boy, boldly ask his opinion about the preferred color of the fabric. The same applies to the bedding or carpet.


Design of a children's room for a boy

Children aged four to five years is already quiteconscious about their things, and so the boy would not have to spoil the wallpaper, outlining of markers, although the need for a reliable, easy to clean surfaces only increases.

Let son to decorate the walls of the room or officetable that he liked the bright informative pictures with animals, appliances, on the marine theme, even if he saw them in a thematic publication. So, you can carefully cut a figure or a plot of the log of the aircraft, and sticking to the white base - mat, and then enclosed in a frame. It's fast, fun and most importantly, at any time to change the image of any other.


Design of a children's room for a boy

Baby boy for 5 - 7 years

This age - the period of preparation for school,child learns perseverance and attention. In the children's area is necessary to provide for employment, especially if before the room was not a good desk. His advise to place in the lit area, ideally near the window. To add drawers or cabinets for books, papers and accessories.

Quality artificial light and proper fit of the chair will ensure the preservation of the child's spine and health

Encourage your son not to be confused toys and books, select a special container for one, and the rack - for the second. So the little man will get used to the idea that every thing its place.

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Design of a children's room for a boy

At the age of seven, the boy is formedits special concept of what should be his room. And to create the desired image you can help him, and the son is already able to join the process of repair, albeit briefly, and only in part, for example, paint a small section of the wall, or to submit your nails during the installation of the panels.

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Design of a children's room for a boy

Ask what subjects to boyclosest: sports, music, equipment, space, or ships. It can serve as a guide to action when the time comes to repair. For example, the bed can mount a sail attached to the wall basketball hoop, and to choose a stretch ceiling picture of the starry sky with the built-in LEDs.

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Design of a children's room for a boy

Baby boy for 7 - 10 years

The boys of school age often invited toguests and friends want to be proud of their bathroom. Child -desyati eight years is not the same kid, how did you know him, he wants to imagine themselves grown, by all means it is showing.

Thus, in the design of children's should help his son, andto understand his position, because the boy may fear that his friends laughed at him, see if there is something too "baby": covered in daisies and fluffy hare.

Explain that to be ashamed of and, especially,to get rid of these things is not worth it. There may be another way to beat the atmosphere of the room, for example, re-paint one or two walls in a rich, deep beautiful color, put in a corner of a stylish lamp, put a leather chair. In general, the use of a purely male methods in the design, and then the cute naive subjects will not embarrass anyone.

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Design of a children's room for a boy

The room adult 10-year-old boy neededcreate conditions for the implementation of lessons, concentrating on them his attention. Zone desk should be issued in accordance with the task: Place a map of the world over the table or set the globe, attach shelves for books and notebooks, to maximize the free surface of the countertop. Put a table lamp with an adjustable flow of light and, if possible, give up the use of the TV room.

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Design of a children's room for a boy

Remember that the form of a children's room and order it does not depend on the sex of the child, and how quickly you will be able to teach it to maintain cleanliness.

Good luck!

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