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Children's corner in the bedroom of adults

Many of you faced with the task of registrationcombined rooms, for example, living room and kitchen, bedroom and living room or a bedroom and a nursery. That's about the room shared by parents and children today will be discussed in this article, since the arrangement of this space sometimes requires attention, patience and a certain means.

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How to equip a children's corner in the parents' bedroom

For a combined bedroom and child is important to considerAdults need, living in it, and the needs of children (child), to provide the location of the beds, working area, gaming, as well as a dressing room. Make it a spacious room is much easier than, for example, in a modest room sizes, so you need to use a simple but effective ways to save space, knowing some of the laws of ergonomics.

How to equip a children's corner in the parents' bedroom

The text of the article is divided into three paragraphs,corresponding to the three main age categories of children aged from birth to three years, from four to seven, and from seven to 10-12 years. Accordingly, we will discuss how best to arrange the room combined in each case.

Baby crib in the parents' room

In the first two years after the child's birth parentsmay use a large area of ​​the room on your own, because the main children's furniture has to be bed-cradle and compact dresser or short children's bookcase to store toys, books, children's clothes.

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How to equip a children's corner in the parents' bedroom

The younger the child, the closer you can sethis cot for adult parents' bed, and as they grow older son or daughter, baby bed is better to move closer to the window (but not next to it), along the opposite wall, or arrange a children's area in the corner between the window and the adult bed.


How to equip a children's corner in the parents' bedroom

Walls around a baby crib are betterSomehow decorate, but since this is a combined room, you should use jewelry that can be easily removed and replaced. Pictures within, light small shelves for small toys, stickers-stickies, crafts-origami and garlands will be especially good.

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A cot under the canopy next to the parents' bed

In addition, we must not forget about the additional lighting of the children's area: a desk lamp on the dresser, wall bracket on the wall near the crib or a stable floor lamp will create a cozy atmosphere and provide a good light.

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Baby cot next to the parents bed

To visually separate the child from the adult area, near the cot lay a bright rug and put a chair with a soft seat.

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How to equip a children's corner in the parents' bedroom

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How to equip a children's corner in the parents' bedroom

Children preschool child in an adult bedroom

For an older child must be moreexpand the children's area, add to her desk and ergonomic chair, organize sections for storing stationery and, of course, replace the bed or a full-fledged teenage twin bed.

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Option of zoning space: 1 double room

To save room area, which should be placed not only adults, but also children's things, you can do the following, for example:

Choosing the adult and children's bed with built-in drawers, roomy and set dressers.
Order overall wardrobe, built-in a broad niche or between opposite walls.

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Children preschool child in an adult bedroom

Children from the adult area should be separated with decorative curtains, screens, or the mobile partition in order to create an atmosphere of privacy for parents and children if needed.


The option of a combined bed with a bed for parents and a child

In the case where the combined area of ​​the roomso small that it can barely fit two beds, you may want to consider buying a bunk bed with a lower double and upper single.

Style combined bedroom is best to choosemodern universal classic in light, neutral tones, or, for example, Scandinavian, in which all objects, colors and shapes are easy and versatile for both adults and children.


The option of a combined bed with a bed for parents and a child

Shared bedroom for the parents and the child from seven years

school-age children are increasingly striving for independence, so it is better to create visibility, to organize the space combined bedroom.

Thus, the bed is better to establish as far as possible from each other and use zoning techniques:

1.bring up the partition-rack,
2. put on the periphery of the adult and children's areas chest or cabinet,
3.Install the structure in the form of sliding doors with frosted glass,
4. hang the functional curtains.

Your choice should depend on the light bedrooms and habits of those who live in it.

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Zoning the room

If the room is designed for parents and twochildren, it is recommended to install a bunk bed adolescent, and when the family of one child in the room can accommodate a mini-sofa convertible into a comfortable bed.

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The option of zoning space

Allow the student to show individualitydesign common to him and the parents bedroom. Let the daughter or son will choose curtains shade wallpaper pattern or texture of the textile. Adult child can be charged independently arrange the wall in his side of the room, with the condition that they do not fit into the overall idea of ​​the bedroom.

Remember to placement in the roomwriting table and accompanying sections for storage of literature, personal belongings of the child. Provide high-quality children's area work light through desk lamps with power control of the luminous flux.


The option of zoning space

Combined bedroom with children to be able tofunctional, beautiful and comfortable. Together with my parents live here people perceive the world and develop their personality, which can not be forgotten. Therefore, let your child decorate the children's area to your liking, acquire additional furniture, compact, but it's also personal.

Good luck!

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