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Bunk bed in the nursery: selection rules

If we talk about the design of children's rooms, beforeall have in mind the design of practical, convenient and safe premises. At the same time, the question of the importance of economical use of space for many parents is one of the main.


Bunk bed for children

How to fill the modest size of the nursery with everything necessary for a child's development, so that it still remained free space for outdoor games, we will tell you in this article.

How to choose a bed for a child

Bunk beds may well be a valuableacquisition, especially if two children living in the room. It allows you to organize the space correctly, that it was not only a bed, but also the workplace, as well as sections for storage of toys and personal belongings of each child. The following are recommendations regarding the choice of bunk bed design, if you intend to buy it in the near term.


Bunk bed for children

Choosing a Bunk Bed: Basic Tips

• Pay attention to the size of each of the sleepingPlaces, it must be at least 180 x 90 cm, because children grow very fast, and it will be too difficult to purchase a new bed every two years until they reach adulthood.

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Bunk bed for children

• The bed, especially if it is bunk, in any case should not be unsteady, but when this fact is evident - think about the strength of the model.


Bunk bed for children

• Always remember that the childrenbed must withstand not only sleep a little man, but also his carefree games, so it is strongly recommended to choose the design of a stable strong legs.

• Try to sit on the lower tier and, ifwhile you do not have to tilt your head low, it will be possible to judge with certainty that the child will not strike back of his head, sitting up in bed.

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Bunk bed for children

• restrictive ledges with a height of 25 -35 cm must be provided for the upper tier.

Environmentally friendly materials

Metal or wooden bed frame willserve long, remaining robust and reliable over the years. And because these materials are environmentally friendly, their use can be very logical in children's rooms.

And yet, some nuances should be considered:

Metal bed although it has visiblebenefits, but it can be far from the aesthetics and concepts are simply not suited to the style of children's in your home. In addition, these beds are often quite weighty, but in the process of dismantling will be spent a lot of effort if you want to disassemble the structure into two independent parts.


Bunk bed for children

Preferably choose a metal bed with softly rounded corners and bolts, screws and other fastening generally do not need to speak.
Bunk wooden structure everIt looks very comfortable and thoroughly indoors infant. You should choose a bed made of pine or beech, as these breeds have long proven themselves in the list of reliable and environmentally friendly materials, especially because oak analogue will cost considerably more expensive.


Bunk bed for children

The bed made of chipboard wood cheaper and lighter, and the metal, but is not environmentally friendly because it contains harmful ingredients in the composition (e.g., formaldehyde).


Bunk bed for children

Child Safety

When the child's bed is on the second floor, you should carefully evaluate the lifting ladder in terms of safety and convenience.

In the designs of children's bunk beds, there is always one of two variants of stairs leading upwards: inclined or vertical.

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Bunk bed for children

To make a choice in favor of one of them is notIn principle, but the shape and quality of the steps must be taken into account immediately. Too narrow and slippery (of metal) will expose the child to constant danger of slipping, falling and injuring himself severely. Therefore, it is better if the steps are flat, with a fairly wide horizontal board.

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Bunk bed for children


Even if the room is provided with only one child, a bunk bed can help in the task of a compact placement of furniture and the other things.


Bunk bed for children

So, for example, when the upper tier of a structure is allocated to a sleeping place, under it it is possible to establish a desk with boxes for office and books, a mini-sofa, a case for clothes.


Bunk bed for children

In a room for two children, this way of organizing space is irreplaceable, if it is necessary to formalize a personal place for everyone.

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Multifunctional bed - saves space in the apartment

Ease of design and mobility

Reflecting on what model of double bedsprefer to pay attention better to the one that is easier and faster parsed, transformed into two separate bed. Besides, it would be correct if you have to move and transport the entire household furniture in a new house or apartment soon.


Bunk bed for children

Putting a bunk bed for children with their own hands at home how to check the tightness of all fasteners, so that after not necessary to regret his own negligence.

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Bunk bed for children


Bunk bed for children


Very well, if you bought a bed in twotier has the ability to regulate the height of the second floor. This is convenient and efficient, if your home is no different high ceilings, because a comfortable distance from the upper berth is considered that, where the child comfortable in a sitting position.

Mattress - an important part in shaping the correct posture and the child's health back as a whole.

In no case can save on a filler material and covers, because it depends on them ergonomic and orthopedic mattress can be called.

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Bunk bed for children

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Bunk bed for children

It should be noted that the bunk bedAt first can frighten the apparent unreliability of the design. We did our best to convince you of the opposite, as such furniture can not only faithfully serve, but also save money for the purchase of other items that steal the cherished meters of the children's room area.

Good luck!

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