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6 errors in the design or repair a child's room

Repair or designing a child's room -serious process, as paradoxical as it sounds. After all, a good caring parents have time to think over his every step, from the laying of flooring and wall primer and ending with the selection of textiles, light and decor. Nevertheless, many of us continue to make the same mistakes when it comes to the issue of harmonious design kid's room or child.

We could not leave unanswered questions abouthow and what better to fill the children's room and what not to do it for the sake of your child is growing and developing in a beautiful, functional and comfortable room. Let's look at the most common flaws in the organization of children's rooms and their solutions.

security Failure

Often, people are allowed to drift such importantnuances, as the location and number of outlets, and electrical cords. Therefore, do not be amiss to remind once again about such an important point, as the observance of safety rules for the installation and operation of such necessary things. We recommend to the smallest detail to consider the availability of communications in the children's room, as well as provide them with grounding and insulation.


When installing components, pasting wallpaper and painting objects, you must abandon the caustic synthetic mixtures with a strong smell.

If provided in the room, the carpet should bepick compact instance short-pile, while, synthetic materials more suitable for children, since insects do not start, and the possibility of significantly reduced allergy therein.


Choosing material for the floor, walls, ceiling, it is necessary to give preference to a more natural, and ideally, environmentally friendly: wood, plaster, lightweight types of paints, artistic acrylic.

Heed to the choice of materials for the furniture, textiles and decor. Stay natural materials such as wood, cotton, flax and wool.

Hanging lights should be attachedas high as possible to the ceiling and away from the bed, and table lamps and floor lamps to choose stable with broad support. Determine a window decoration, it is better to opt for Roman blinds and curtains of light function.

cluttered areas

During filling the space child's room,often parents sinned in that it has a completely useless for the child items, such as a big old closet or bulky chest of drawers in the living room, or a couple of impressive size seats, believing that nothing special about it. But if you think well, that these traveling from one room to another as objects occupy valuable area.

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The baby's room up to 3 years old should not be anythingtoo much, because of what could be tripped over or accidentally flip. It should place only necessary in this age of subjects: a crib, a low cabinet or chest of drawers for things compact.

In addition, the need to define storage spacetoys and children's books first (it may be a small rack with baskets) as well as to determine the zone of creativity, where you put the kids table and chair.


The girl or boy 3-6 years old can already behobbies, for example, modeling, puzzles and drawing. A child of this age group can say exactly what toys and their colors and shapes like him more, therefore, need more space to store it all.

Although we must remember that your child of all thatalso it required plenty of space for outdoor games, and therefore it is not recommended to choose a lot of furniture. It would be better if you combine a wide drawers or whatnot two or three shelves at a convenient height for the little man.

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Children's room Child 6-12 years suggestsmore specific content, as tastes and preferences of the developing human can vary widely, so it becomes a small table work, a small locker converted into a mini-dressing, and the need in the area for fades games.

Wrong colors

Another common mistake isselected color scheme of the room where the child lives. This happens for various reasons. For example, not to start a new repair and save money, many parents simply do not see the urgent need for repainting the walls or wallpaper perekleivanie, postponing the case "for later".

And in vain, because coloristic design has a direct impact, causing a completely different emotions, and a little child very clearly feels the effect of colors and shades.

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The room where the newborn baby,It should be bright and clean, with a predominance of natural shades on all surfaces. You will approach light sand, beige, turquoise, pale green and other pastel colors. Brighter colors may be present in individual subjects and, of course, toys.

Well, if on one of the walls caused unobtrusivedrawing with animals, birds and plants. This technique will help the child in everyday cognition of the world, providing a positive calming effect.


A little more than an adult baby is able to takeparticipate in the selection of the right colors for her room. In addition, referring to the child for advice you give to understand that he considered his opinion, which is very important when building a warm and trusting relationship in the future.

Going to the hardware store, takechild with you to select the warm vibrant colors grass, sun, young buds, sea and sky that is always relevant and perfect for themed rooms forest fairies, brave sailor or curious explorer.

The lack of space for play and creativity

To all the creative energy,which accumulates at a young little man, to give in the right direction, it should be good to think about the organization of comfortable, well-lit place to because of the lack of the latter, the child did not have to huddle around the dinner table, or, even worse, in the bathroom, playing with plasticine and paints.

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You will undoubtedly help the development of the baby, iftake care of the necessary furniture in the form of ergonomic table, which can be expanded, and a chair with a back, sitting on the back which is not tired, if necessary.


Let your older child is takingdirectly involved in the construction of the shed for games resembling a tent, tent or bungalow. By the way, you can use the woolen blankets, linen or canvas cape to cover their design of beams. This place could be for baby unique and most beloved throughout the house, as it will be comfortable to read or just to play with the neighborhood kids.

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Heavy and expensive furniture

Finding suitable furniture for children's roomsyou can make the mistake of choosing the seemingly most reliable "in the year" option. That is, to establish a massive bed of precious wood, large closet from floor to ceiling, and so on. Solid, but it is not suitable for the child, which, in this case, it is impossible to make a permutation, and the move is not convenient.

It is worth adding that the significant drawback of heavy furniture with carved and inlaid is that it is quite difficult to adapt to a particular style of interior.

Therefore, we are sure to do the following:

- Choose a light (of durable but inexpensive wood: alder, birch, beech) furniture, decorated with forged rounded elements.


It is better to put in the two dresser room, rather than one, but a hefty wardrobe. Remember, your child will be much more comfortable surrounded by small compact objects, proportionate to its growth.

- Pay attention to the bed with transformersdrawers, which can be folded warm winter clothes and blankets. This method is especially good for small spaces, the area of ​​which is counter to load unnecessary objects.

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Inadequate lighting

Light in the nursery should be abundant andquality, spreading evenly around the perimeter, as each of the zones it requires a greater or lesser extent. And wrong to assume that a ceiling chandelier will be enough, because the child is growing and developing, so good lighting - a pledge excellent vision and a healthy back.

In a large room, where they live two or three children, would be superfluous assembling two lampshades ceiling light, supplemented by a pair of functional luminaires for training and hobby tables.


That's right, when a child's room lighting at night is provided by the upper main light source, a lamp in the work area, as well as sconces or floor lamp by the bed.

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children's room


Pay attention to good repair a child's room on time, because it is yours, beloved child will live in it, and only depends on you, how harmonious and holistic environment will.

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